Status update:

A normal day at my hometown, I was rolling in my car to a destination. I noticed my car was on reserver, It’s no big deal Ill fuel on way.

I prefer fueling at gas a couple gas stations which are around my apartment because I they accept payment via card. Yea i meant they have point of sales machine where you swipe the card. But that was not the case today I was 190 KM away from the place and I had failed to notice not a lot of petrol stations here accept payment via card.

If you plan to rob my wallet, you choose the wrong guy I hardly have any cash in my wallet. That doesn’t mean I have plenty in my bank either :p. I prefer using electronic ways to exchange funds it’s convenient and I have someone keeping record of how and where i spend it. Coming to my wallet today, I found I have 300 INR (~4USD) and google maps showed 2 gas stations near by, I checked them both, to find they don’t accept cards and there wasn’t any ATM for a few KM’s. I am stranded I filled petrol for what I had and managed to find an ATM and filled my tank.

But what I didn’t understand is why the hell the petrol station have the two card gateway Master Card, Visa logo, and still don’t accept cards.