Status update:

I did not write as planned, due to my laziness and busy schedule. Gonna kick start with a few tips on my recent travel to Russia. I found a lot of things need to be address as there ain’t much information available on the internet regarding the Visa, invitation letter, registration (its a russian thing) and more.

Status update:

A normal day at my hometown, I was rolling in my car to a destination. I noticed my car was on reserver, It’s no big deal Ill fuel on way.

I prefer fueling at gas a couple gas stations which are around my apartment because I they accept payment via card. Yea i meant they have point of sales machine where you swipe the card. But that was not the case today I was 190 KM away from the place and I had failed to notice not a lot of petrol stations here accept payment via card.

If you plan to rob my wallet, you choose the wrong guy I hardly have any cash in my wallet. That doesn’t mean I have plenty in my bank either :p. I prefer using electronic ways to exchange funds it’s convenient and I have someone keeping record of how and where i spend it. Coming to my wallet today, I found I have 300 INR (~4USD) and google maps showed 2 gas stations near by, I checked them both, to find they don’t accept cards and there wasn’t any ATM for a few KM’s. I am stranded I filled petrol for what I had and managed to find an ATM and filled my tank.

But what I didn’t understand is why the hell the petrol station have the two card gateway Master Card, Visa logo, and still don’t accept cards.

Gift from SBI credit card

A couple of day ago i got an email from SBI Credit card stating  “Congrats! Your e-code for FREE JBL T-250 SI Headphone is inside“.

SBI reward

The email contained a code to be used on ( SBI credit card’s reward voucher micro site) and an explanation of the reward including MRP of the prize :p.

The email reads :

We are delighted to inform that you have qualified for a FREE* JBL T-250 SI headphoneworth INR 2,499 for spending more than INR 30,000 between 11 Jun & 05 Jul 2016.

The Term Free

We all know nothing comes for free, But this is a fair deal SBI wants you to pay INR 10 as shipping fee and nothing else, which is not a bad.

Value of Reward

I can say this is a good reward, in term of usability of the gift, the additional charges, the terms & condition and most important it’s solid product instead of e-gift vouchers or credits which comes with a ton of Terms and conditions.

I did a small search  JBL T-250 on a couple of e-commerce website and found its being sold for INR 849 on Amazon, Flipkart and INR 983 on snapdeal at the time I made this post which makes it a good one for INR 10.

I have no idea how SBI selected candidates for the gift whether its for every customer who crossed  INR 30,000 mark or not, so let me know if you have received any similar gift from SBI Credit card.

Note : I have redeemed the code and the order is under processing, the order conformation email states the product will be delivered by 3rd September 2016, will update once I received the product.

Kick Started

This is gonna me my first post here, it’s  been almost a year since I thought to make this happen.

Initial thought came in 2015 when Google made it parent company Alphabet and registered the domain, its was a boom where a lot of people registered their favorite xyz domain, so I did it too. Till a couple of weeks I had no idea what to do with the domain other than pay for it :D.


Initial Thoughts

Initial thought was to make a portfolio or about me page, but I never had time to do a good one so I left it blank ( its gonna be blank for a some more time :D) . After a while I decided to make it a personal blog and the question arose what shall I blog about, I have seen people writing about personal experience, review there are plenty of those and It’s not of my interest this added more delay to the ambitious project.


What have I decided to do with ?

I’m gonna write about things I am crazy about, I don’t know what it is but gonna see as it goes, No personal items will be shared :D.

Happy reading.