Kick Started

This is gonna me my first post here, it’s  been almost a year since I thought to make this happen.

Initial thought came in 2015 when Google made it parent company Alphabet and registered the domain, its was a boom where a lot of people registered their favorite xyz domain, so I did it too. Till a couple of weeks I had no idea what to do with the domain other than pay for it :D.


Initial Thoughts

Initial thought was to make a portfolio or about me page, but I never had time to do a good one so I left it blank ( its gonna be blank for a some more time :D) . After a while I decided to make it a personal blog and the question arose what shall I blog about, I have seen people writing about personal experience, review there are plenty of those and It’s not of my interest this added more delay to the ambitious project.


What have I decided to do with ?

I’m gonna write about things I am crazy about, I don’t know what it is but gonna see as it goes, No personal items will be shared :D.

Happy reading.